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7 ways to spot New Yeezys 350 V2 Boost ‘Real VS Fake”

Nobody will like the fake yeezy which we paid a lot .Great news! No more worrying about whether your  Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is real or fake, we have an easy to use “how to” guide you can spot the yeezy Real or Fake now :

1 ,Outbox color

There are different color between fake and real

2,The logo of box

The small head and shoulders of a real shoe can be found with a fine line (a little bit), and the head and shoulders of the fake shoes are completely separated.

3,The tail of heel 

The fake one is a little lager ,but not real one .


4, The shape of shoes

   We can see the difference from the picture

5, The font of side

Real one will be wider than fake one . We can see the the picture as below ;


6,Logo of insole

The real one have a  mark “®”,but fake one seems not .

7,Shoes tags

It is different of MALE/MALÈ

The last line of tag , number smaller than character

   Of course, fake  350 V2’s will only get better with time, but we’re hoping that this real vs fake legit check will help you buy a  pair of  Yeezy Boost 350 V2’s.