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Nike Kobe 11 Green Glow Performance Review

Though Kobe retired ,but the memory which he left never forgot by any one .
Now we get it .

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Appearance 10 score :
Now here is a view is very popular which is face score , yes , basketball shoes also have own face score . So whats is score of Nike Kobe 11 ,I give this one 10 score . The colorway is like a fresh wind , we can feel clean and comfortable . The details of design is delicate ,whatever the logo of kobe 11 ,or the shoes tongue . The 20 stars of tongue mean the basketball year of Kobe . Even the signature of the heel. How do you think ?

2, Support : 7score
Kobe 11 used the Flyknit .it’s almost executed perfectly this time around. It’s not raw FlyKnit. It’s not infused with glue either. They threaded TPU strands — or what I like to call fishing line — throughout the knit.

Since the flyknit was super stiff, it was really supportive on my foot. My foot didn’t move around in the footbed at all and there was no heel slippage so the lockdown was also very nice


3,Cushioning : 8 score
Kobe 11 used Lunarlon in midsole with a large volume zoom air unit bottom loaded in the heel. The zoom unit in the heel feels very nice. Super bouncy, responsive and soft. Without doubt , a lot of people like it .

4,Ventilation 8 score
The way Adidas uses primeknit in the crazylight boost 2015 is amazing and I wish Nike would implement that in their models. The flyknit in the kobe 11 is super supportive though. And the ventlation is very great with mesh materail inside .It does soften up over time but at first it’s pretty stiff. Overall, the materials are nice but I just wish that the materials were softer.

5,Cost performance 7 score
As the fan of Kobe . I am thinking of this shoes is competitive price with great quality .I play on a pretty dirty court which is 24 hour fitness, but no other shoe that I was testing was this bad.
Overall , Kobe 11 is a nice shoe but the cushion and the traction just ruined it for me. As a fan . I really like everything of Kobe .How do you think ?