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Nike KOBE 5(V) Performance Review

I have been played basketball more 10 years since high school .But I think I’m hitting a weird stage of my basketball playing career . Sometimes I can not play well . when thinking of ways to improve my game or things to correct, it recently dawned on me that’s it’s been 10 years since my favorite high school coach . My coach give me a suggestion that change more different shoes , I feel a little confusion as begin . Until I got the the Zoom Kobe V which one of those rare expertly crafted sneakers that you can stare and marvel at. It is help me a lot .
Now here we go .
Lets start from the box , As we can see , there is no special for the box. The logo as usually .

Kobe V use the excellent traction . I am surprised when playing .
There was nothing stating that these feature XDR outsoles, and Nike will always let you know when they use a certain type of material which it usually be labeled somewhere on the product or come with a hang tag and the material labeled. This is the most reason that we will buy the brand , Nike not let us down as usually .

Even thinner upper construction that helped to shave off a full ounce of the shoe’s overall weight, taking the shoe from 12.0 ounces in a size 9 Zoom Kobe IV to an absurdly light 10.5 ounces this season.And the most important is the excellent breath .
I liked the Zoom Kobe IV fine enough from an aesthetic point of view, but it was a bit safe in looks, and the more glossy, all-synthetic upper of the Zoom Kobe V makes for a more bold and brash look this time around.
Then It is a mesh though, so durability won’t be their strongest attribute.

KOBE V use the PHYLON midsole to improve the impaction that fall down . And that with the NIKE ZOOM combined the excellent cushioning . The bounce is great . but you don’t really feel anything since there is a midsole between your foot and the cushion
3, Supporting
There is just enough to where you’re not as risk of injury, but not too much to where you’ll feel restricted. The heel counter is the only area that I’d change due to the clunky transition it causes.
The size is right for me . But if you have more wider , then you can buy more half size .
Overall ,KOBE V With a thinner upper that is made of exactly one synthetic layer with bonded overlays atop it and a full-length mesh inner sleeve underneath. Great cushioning and supporting help me a lot in the court .I will be buy the series of Kobe .

How about your opinion for KOBE V , just share with us .

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