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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 Performance Review

Following the release of the Yeezy Boost 350 V1 earlier , Kanye West and adidas hit us with another dope  of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2,Yeezy collaborated in 2015 with Adidas to produce his Yeezy 350 Boost shoe.  Everyone who is anyone, is talkin’ up the Yeezy brand in footwear.  It is time to get in on the action with Kanye’s Yeezy label on your feet.  Whether the word Yeezy is Kanye’s nickname, or whether it is the title of one of his hit records, we don’t really care.

So lucky that got one , so we will look it closely.

For the box ,it is nothing special, it is followed the V1 which simply with ‘350’ LOGO.

upon opening up and seeing the textures used and overall in hand feel, it was pretty easy to see just what all the hype was about. And for the coloray —Beluga is amazing. I like this color.The shoes went straight on, and the super comfy Boost technology was noticeable right away. It must be noted that the cushioning in the Yeezy 350 isn’t quite as obvious as that used in something like the Ultra Boost.Compare with V1, the traction  improved ,then the the cushion is nice .

The side of the letter mark LOGO, it is still show the type of  Yeezy.  Without a brilliant orange of the version  1.0, it is seems not so brightly. In the end, the BOOST was wrapped tightly, and the protection also improved the foot feeling. The application of this technology to Harden’s generation 1 was very successful.

Insole is common, followed by LOGO shows his identity.However, because of the small size of the shoes, I took the insole and passed it in, just like NMD.

For the traction : In order to show off BOOST technology. Because it is soft rubber, wear resistance is generally.

For the material : The upper really nice  this with the Primeknit feeling like what Nike’s Flyknit should actually feel like around your foot. The material is soft and comfortable . Ever since ‘Ye left Nike for ‘creative differences’ the whole world has been waiting to see what he can to pull together. The Yeezy 350 Boost shows exactly that.what happens when you mix together elements from both sneaker and high-end fashion cultures? I am thinking  it is a symbol of yeezy . The silhouette of the 350 allows it to be embraced by absolutely anyone and with this particular colour-way.

The Boost platform paved the way for similar technologies in competing brands. Saucony Everun is based on expanded polyurethane, the same tech as Boost.

Overall,The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 is a new and low-top sneaker designed by Kanye West and Adidas. it was popular and great ,dont missed.

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Adidas Pharrell Williams HU Holi NMD Deconstructed Report

As one of the most splendid festivals in the world, the Holi Festival held every March in northern India is second only to the Lantern Festival in India. According to ancient legends, the prince who had dedicated himself to the people was blessed by the gods and escaped the fire. The Indian people poured water with seven colors on the prince to pay homage, blessings and celebrations. Pharrell Williams turned the design inspiration to the Holi Festival. It is also intended to convey the joy, equality and peace of the people in the festival. Pharrell’s upcoming “Holi Festival” collaboration with adidas has garnered a lot of attention, as it is spanning across three different silhouettes.

For the box,it is normal but the colorway is nice

There are the details of the side

The NMD Hu silhouette in multiple colorways including this clean black version. In celebration of one of India’s most important festivals, most of the honorary selections comes with wild paint-like color schemes, which makes this black pair all the more intriguing. Initially, they were scheduled to release on March 2nd, but has since been pushed pack to a later da

Pharrell x adidas NMD Hu “Holi Festival”Release Date: March, 2018$220Style Code: AC7033

For the material : It is surprisingly light weight and has a sock like construction that is a welcome change from the norm. The Primeknit upper is made of a breathable and flexible mesh without any kind of toecap inside. it is soft and comfortable.When worn, the sock like stretch material on the collar, adheres to the ankles and the foot.For the lace  system , it just abandon the strap.It is easy to adjustment. It’s really flexible and will mold to the shape of the foot rather than feeling uncomfortable or cramped.The three patterned stripes in the middle are consistent with the color scheme of the sneaker and connects beautifully to the laces.

For cushioning : Wear it to the gym or on your daily jog, it’s as good as running with a super flexible sock on your feet.  as you know , the Adidas tech is great, the nice bounce and the great feeling of  .It provides stability to the heel, especially during high intensity activity like HIIT.

If you have worn the Ultraboost and expect the NMD  to be similar in terms of cushioning and comfort, then you may be a tad disappointed. Although, it is the same technology, the Ultraboost scores above the NMD R1 when it comes to comfort.

For the traction : it is nice for the traction,the bigger stability plug near the heel on the inside of the sneaker can be a tad uncomfortable,  alos  the sneaker is new and since it is so lightweight, most people wouldn’t be wearing a sock with it.also the grip is nice


There are the details as below :

Fabric heel, printed with Philip Dong logo

There is the details , origin made in Vietnam

The weight of shoes

Overall,  Adidas  ULTRA BOOST is great ,the fitting is true . The fabric upper is comfortable , and the material also great. A whole BOOST foot feels comfortable,extremely comfortable and right at the cusp of retro and cutting edge. Is it worth the price? Absolutely!

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Air Jordan 29 Performance Review

For  the Air Jordan 19 , that is my dream shoes , I like it very much when it released , but I can’t got for it is limited . However I got  it suddenly one day, you know whats my feeling . I am excited all day.

So I want to share it with you about my favorite shoes .

For the box, it is normal and nothing special,the noram XX9 logo with black and red colorway

Also the details of site .


Then the shoes is nice ……

For the material : yeah, it is used the nice woven upper,which  itfeels great and it actually is supportive. It is really conforms to your foot shape the more you sweat in it.And it is soft and nice .To the point to where you feel like you’ve got a custom shoe on your foot, way more than any Foamposite upper. I think it is important ,especially when we playing long time ,  our feet need a comfortable material.

For the Ventilation , it is  is perfect.  you can felt a air flow because of the woven upper, however, this comes with a small drawback. Because the woven upper fabric, it tends to soak up moisture. But it is nice .Trying to get the shoe dried out enough for tomorrows run is hard unless you use a fan or something.The court feeling is nice .

For the supporting : Support comes from the fit and heel counter while stability comes from the forefoot outrigger and flat you know the the supporting is nice . Similar concept only the supportive pieces are built into the upper in strategic areas.

For the cushioning : With the XX8, there was a small adjustment period while you were getting used to the protruding Zoom unit underfoot,but for the Jordan 29, Removing the protruding Zoom that you can bee familiar with this shoes , is it the jordan shoes ?I’ve tried Zoom in nearly every single way possible, this is the best version of it. Great court feel, ultimate responsiveness and you get some impact protection on top of is enough and I will like it anyway .

For the traction : It is not too bad ….I think it too stiff….but the grip is nice .The flex groove in the middle stays relatively clean so it grabs on slightly but I try to stop with the outermost portion on lateral side so that flex groove doesn’t help a whole lot. And it is not easy to keep , I guess it will worn out quickly .there is a jumpman logo on the bottom. it is nice .

Overall,  I felt Nike pretty much mailed this one in from a design standpoint which is disappointing since this is the last shoe we will see him in.The material is nice and the supporting also great , then the cushioning and traction just so so . How do you think ?

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Adidas Ultra Boost Performance Review

Since the Adidas combined its own  football shoes Ace series with UltraBOOST,the sneakers world become different. After test the different.  Adidas also released a UltraBOOST leisure shoe that originated from football shoes – Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360Agility TR UltraBOOST.

Today we are talking about it .

This colorway offering features a primarily solar orange upper with its go-to Agility balck System decked out in white to match the crisp Boost sole unit. This soccer performance shoe is a perfect example of adidas’ continuing trend of combining stylish designs with performance footwear, although this particular model is strictly for off the pitch.

For the material , Adidas  adding a TPU plastic cage thoughout heel cup which dig into the foot, we can feel the more supporting from this design .

The primeknit material also becomes water logged very easy and doesn’t shed dirt and mud well.

For the cushioning , it is nice , it still followed the Adidas tech that more responsive cushioning ever,we can feel the more energy you give, the more you get.

For the  Boost midsole is absolutely fantastic, most Adidas running shoes apply it sparingly throughout the midsole to produce a firm and responsive cushioning that almost seems to improve with age. now this one is still followed the boost midsole which  a whopping 27mm of Boost midsole which is unsupported by any material of a higher durometer.

We can see the effect is a fairly sloppy feel which Adidas tries to mitigate by placing a very shallow primeknit upper ,that is great .

For the supporting , it is not good then Jordans .the only supporting is from the  material of the heel part, and for this material , it is a little soft . so we can get it enough when playing .

Overall, the most highlight design is the cushioing , the Boost cushioning delivers a responsive and comfortable ride and returns energy to help you bounce merrily through whatever distance you take on.  and the material is soft .we can feel the  particularly good for helping to maintain my pace over long runs. but if you are looking foe the good suuorting and cushioning , maybe is it not enough.

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adidas Explosive Bounce Performance Review

The Adidas have been released more shoes which simply . and the Adidas  still followed the tech . Now more and more people like it very much.

Now today we will talking about Explosive Bounce.

As you can see in the photos here, this shoes  features a bit more fuse and an upper that is not Forged Primeknit in blue. The collar design is only slightly altered and the shoe rides atop a two-toned Bounce set up — a welcome addition for those that prefer Bounce to Boost.

For cushioning : cushioning felt great, and most importantly to me the traction looked and felt promising. So I said what the hell, I’m going to try these out and I’m glad I did. it performance well .compare with the Lillard,  D Lillard ever had a team shoe, Consistent from heel to toe with that signature Bounce feel. Unlike the Crazy Explosive, I had no issues with the cored out portions since Bounce is denser than Boost.

If you are still worried about “Explosive Bounce will be very hard since it is simple set up shoes ,” we can  tell you that it is  really a bit soft. Bounce technology used  will be more than some of the Boost then natural Crazy Explosive , but it still comfort . In the game . we  can feel the cushioning  still better then Dame 3 , to be honest ,it is “unexpected, reasonable”.

Explosive Bounce firmly locked the heel by embracing the glue module which with  thick lining, making the stability of the heel reached a stronger midsole . It is like the D-Rose 7 design  which the “External Module Plus Stable” .it is  locked your feet firmly.


For supporting :adidas is not sloppy. Shoes forefoot still added three pairs of straps for ensuring the supporting . Although it firmly fixed in the mezzanine when  the shoes do not provide dynamic support, but the sneakers still be able to firmly stick to their feet in a certain degree of disguise, and it can protect  ankle and heel .he ankle collar is flexible enough for full range of motion while the sturdy internal heel counter keeps your ankle in place.

This external TPU wrap goes all the way around the ankle and does a great job pulling the ankle back and locking it in place. It does take a little time to warm up, soften and conform to your ankle but the process is quick . Just a nice one to one fit overall after all is said and done. it is perfect .

For traction : The rubber is similar to what’s found on the Crazylight Boost 2016,and it  soft and comfortable . it  minimal wiping on dusty floors with great stopping power just makes me happy.  I enjoyed this traction pattern and the grip is great , wherever I play , it is nice .

The  similar cushioning with Dame 3 ,  Explosive Bounce but also have the  anti-rotation. The anti-torsion of Explosive Bounce was great, but the anti-torsion performance began to degenerate after some time (we do not know if there is too soft, or because of Bounce’s own material problems).

overall : the Explosive Bounce is an excellent shoe for all types of players. Excellent traction and cushioning, great fit, good overall support, stability, and containment,I believe that you  will choose it .
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The Top 10 adidas Sneakers Of 2017

Adidas made major sneakers  in 2017 surpassing Jordan Brand as the number 2 brand in terms of U.S. market share. That growth hinged on the their outstanding sales of Originals, but there were plenty of new models that caught our eye – and they weren’t designed by Kanye West. Check out our list for The 10 Best adidas Shoes of 2017.


adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit
While simply a revised version of the Crazy Explosive that debuted in 2016, the Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit was widely considered to be one of the best basketball shoes of the year. Exciting colorways like the Las Vegas edition and the incredibly limited Kristaps Porzingis PE drops at Packer Shoes had sneakerheads hunting for adidas Hoops kicks like never before.

adidas Ultra Boost Mid
The long-awaited arrival of the Ultra Boost Mid touched down with force in 2017. After debuting as part of KITH’s Aspen-themed collection, the Ultra Boost Mid saw several more iterations throughout the year while paving the way for the outdoor-friendly ATR version. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough UB Mids to really make a dent.

The point of inspiration falls almost right in between their locales as this aquatic theme is born from the Silfra Rift, a tectonic boundary in Iceland; this represents the earth-shattering effects of two of the most powerful establishments coming together and creating new product through friction. The gradient colors of the Ultra BoostMid and Energy Boost combine to form the color gradient of the ocean floor to the surface, while the details on the Primeknit upper represent air bubbles that form when the giant plates rub together. There are also elements of goggles for scuba diving represented the translucent cage of the Energy Boost as Silfra Right, the two plates that join the continents, is a popular scuba diving destination. Perhaps the most notable detail is how Solebox and Packer Shoes swap their store’s typefaces; Solebox is featured in Packer Shoe’s signature cursive, while Packer takes on the bold standard font.

adidas NMD CS2
Billed as the sequel to the futuristic aesthetic featured on the original City Sock silhouette, the CS2 came equipped with a revised upper that featured a slight dip at the ankle thanks to the kimono-style wrapped upper. A collaboration with KITH and Naked helped propel the silhouette into streetwear relevancy and paved the way for intriguing designs and colorways like the “Ronin” pack. while newer iterations of the CS2 have kept it one of the more relevant models by adidas this year.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase
Perhaps the most un-Yeezy like sneaker from Kanye West’s line with adidas was the Powerphase, a spin on a vintage 1980’s training silhouette of the same name. By adding gold foil “Calabasas” branding and infusing the model with a soft premium leather, this revised version of the retro “dad” shoe debuted in a bone-white color scheme in March, and was joined by a grey version in December.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2
Arguably the most popular of Kanye’s adidas iterations, the 350 V2 was made available in six new colorways in 2017. Each new drop of the V2, which included the “Core Black”, “Cream”, “Zebra”, Semi-Frozen Yellow”, “Beluga 2.0”, and “Blue Tint”, sent the sneaker world into a full-on frenzy.

 adidas Futurecraft 4D
Dubbed one of Time Magazine’s 10 best inventions of 2017, the Futurecraft 4D introduced footwear technology that was years ahead of its time. Equipped with a liquid plastic, 3-D printed outsole, this running silhouette provides a customized fit for the wearer in a matter of a few hours – a process that would normally take days or weeks. The innovative design initially released in an incredibly limited quantity, which has led to an enormous asking price on the resale market.


adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner
When this bulky running silhouette first hit the market in August, it was approached with caution as it represented a significant aesthetic change from the slimmed-down look of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Sure enough, the over-sized look eventually sold out and has since gone on to demand a resale value nearing the thousands, while those who passed on the surprise drop rueing the day. Initially unveiling at the Yeezy Season 5 fashion show earlier this year, the first colorway of the Yeezy 700, dubbed the “Wave Runner” has been confirmed as the most limited Boost-equipped Yeezy ever.

Pharrell x adidas NMD Human Race TR
Pharrell gave Kanye a run for his money as adidas’ top celebrity partner in 2017 with a plethora of additions to his increasingly popular Human Race line. Featuring the same aesthetic makeup as the previous capsule, the Adidas NMD Human Race TR silhouette was highlighted by some lofty collaborations with Chanel, Billionaire Boys Club, and N*E*R*D*. Four much more accessible iterations with trail running capabilities hit the market in November, with each sneaker carrying its own inspirational message embroidered on its forefoot. As more friends and family colorways begin to surface, fans of adidas and Pharrell’s pairing should have more to look forward to in 2018.

adidas EQT Boost Support 93/17

As the sneaker industry falls more and more in love with Gore-Tex, we continue to see more and more popular silhouettes add the waterproofing material, now including the adidas EQT Support 93/17. A new all-white colorway of the shoe has emerged embedded with Gore-Tex technology to make it ready for the most dreaded weather conditions. However, that Gore-Tex material won’t make the shoe stain-proof, so don’t go trodding through the mud unless you have the sneaker cleaner handy. The new colorway is completely draped in white minus some minimal grey detailing and even smaller orange detailing on the heel. It will be available from adidas stockists like asphaltgold on December 26th with the upped price tag of €219 that seems to come with adding Gore-Tex to a shoe.

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adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 Performance Review

Kanye West and adidas officially debut the next generation — adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 features two shades of grey on the Primeknit upper along with Bold Orange placed on the “SPLY-350” branding on the side panels.

For the box , it is simply , but the “350 “”BOOST ”  is there . 

there are the details of the side of box 

The sneaker features a Primeknit upper done in a mix of steel grey and beluga with a solar red stripe that reads “350 SPLY.”  

A heel pull tab with orange stitching on it and a semi-translucent midsole that has been infused with adidas’ signature Boost technology.

For the material:  the primeknit is  softer then last version.   It felt a little thinner and less “sweatery” if that makes any sense compared to the Black/White V2.  You can also see a flatter knit where the paint stripe should be on the upper .  I like this  knit pattern, it almost looks like they forgot to paint in the stripe.  maybe  some of people  like that , it just looked a little unfinished to me.  They both feel great on feet though, no major difference there.

The outsole rubber printed with ADIDAS Originals LOGO

For the traction : adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 utilized the translucent  grey rubber .

it is look nice and we can feel the bounce . it is soft anyway .Beluga still have the Adidas tech , so I feel a lot of the bounce of boost .

we can see the details for these pictures 

there are the details of the shoes 

the three strip of the back tap .

It’s not all about looks, these are incredibly comfortable shoes with the best  material .I would even go as far to say the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever wear. I feel the fantastic  and comfortable when playing , orange  stitching on the heel hook adds a lovely contrast and the rope laces are standout and fresh. Overall then there is definitely substance to all the hype when it comes to the Yeezy  boost .

Gray insole, followed by a print YEEZY and ADIDAS Originals joint logo

we can see the end of the BOOST material of this picture . it is soft and have a bounce .

the shoes is lighter , it is just 351.8 g for the size UK 8 1/2

Overall , adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0  with the Adidas tech and new colorway , it is nice and perfect . dont miss it .

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Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Performance Review

Adidas finds a way to build on greatness, as it unveils the Ultra Boost 3. 0 featuring the thickest woven Primeknit upper we’ve seen on the model.

We are talking about it today .

For the material : it has been featuring that updated Triple White Primeknit upper again , and you knowthe material is great , especial for the summer . the ventilation is nicely .  with a Trace Cargo-colored heel-cap, and opaque/clear cage, I have to say  this is the classic Ultra boost  ,but the Midfoot cage can be uncomfortable as it is made of hard plastic. Throughout the mid foot Adidas employs a Midfoot Cage which seems like a good idea until you realize its made of fairly hard rubberized plastic which pokes into your foot.


for the traction : Adidas Boost midsoles are likely the best material, It is  energy return and longevity.The Continental outsole is wonderful and just what we’ve come to expect from Adidas. This outsole rubber wears very slowly and is the stickiest road shoe I’ve found for running on wet roads. It also holds up great on trails.



For the supporting : it is not very good as usually . I an not feel the supporting  actually .



For  the cushioning : Adidas  utilized the Energy Boost which has a wonderfully well cushioned full length Boost midsole, but then uses a Dual Torsion thermoplastic device in the midsole which makes the shoe completely inflexible and dead feeling.

The cushioning tech certainly has a great product with Boost technology, and their shoes are very well made and hold up.


there  are some details of  the insole ,Full length Boost midsole material provides a ton of cushioning.

that is the best for the boost .


With the Boost phenomenon Adidas have tapped into the fashion forward lifestyle crowd and I would fully expect to see this shoe at college campuses and high end health clubs rather than on the feet of runners actually training.

Overall , Stretchy mesh upper with a wide forefoot fit will work for most runners and adidas has the Energy Boost are the best for the Adidas .

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Performance Review

After released the Yeezy 350 , 500 , the current king of dad fashion, Kanye West, was spotted rocking an unreleased pair of his latest adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runners.

Today we are talking about it :

For the box ,it is noting special , just a log of “700” “Boost”  on the box

For the material :  The chunky runner debuts in grey and black, with green and orange accents, neon laces and an off-white midsole. The interesting revelation here is that the shoe is actually equipped with hidden Boost technology.And because of the soft of  material .Keep the primeknit material but increase breathability ,so the ventilation is amazing .


For the cushioning : With a Full length Boost midsole provides incredibly responsive cushioning.Adidas would be hard pressed to err in the design of the Boost, whatever the ultra boost or yeezy boost . it is amazing for the bounce .

Ahead of the delivery date, Yeezy Mafia has shared a look at the technology that makes up the tooling of the Wave Runner 700 — specifically a closer view of the sneaker’s Boost cushioning, which was touted in its product description on Yeezy Supply.

For the traction: a piece-by-piece breakdown of the Wave Runner 700’s midsole and outsole, which include a rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern which can improve the grip . for the rubber   traction with Adidas tech which  we can feel the bounce anytime , it is soft and the court feeling is amazing

For the supporting : the supporting is just so so

Overall , with the Energy Boost which has a wonderfully well cushioned full length Boost midsole and the amazing material ,  I would prefer choose it , don’t miss it .

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Adidas Yeezy Mud Rat 500 Close Look

Last month we got a first look at another upcoming Yeezy silhouette, the YEEZY 500 running shoe in a tonal grey.Revealed by No Vacancy Inn’s Tremaine Emory, a close pal of Kanye West, the YEEZY 500 features no BOOST cushioning technology and instead opts for adiPrene, a shock-absorbing foam embedded into the sole. We’re still waiting on more colorways of the Yeezy Boost 700 to drop, and according to Yeezy Mafia


Today  the white version of the Boost-less design with the moniker “Mud Rat 500” is releasing

With a design similar to the YEEZY Boost 700, it seems like the globally popular Yeezy line is headed in a much chunkier direction than we’ve seen in the past.

please stay tuned our site .