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Air Jordan 29 Performance Review

For  the Air Jordan 19 , that is my dream shoes , I like it very much when it released , but I can’t got for it is limited . However I got  it suddenly one day, you know whats my feeling . I am excited all day.

So I want to share it with you about my favorite shoes .

For the box, it is normal and nothing special,the noram XX9 logo with black and red colorway

Also the details of site .


Then the shoes is nice ……

For the material : yeah, it is used the nice woven upper,which  itfeels great and it actually is supportive. It is really conforms to your foot shape the more you sweat in it.And it is soft and nice .To the point to where you feel like you’ve got a custom shoe on your foot, way more than any Foamposite upper. I think it is important ,especially when we playing long time ,  our feet need a comfortable material.

For the Ventilation , it is  is perfect.  you can felt a air flow because of the woven upper, however, this comes with a small drawback. Because the woven upper fabric, it tends to soak up moisture. But it is nice .Trying to get the shoe dried out enough for tomorrows run is hard unless you use a fan or something.The court feeling is nice .

For the supporting : Support comes from the fit and heel counter while stability comes from the forefoot outrigger and flat you know the the supporting is nice . Similar concept only the supportive pieces are built into the upper in strategic areas.

For the cushioning : With the XX8, there was a small adjustment period while you were getting used to the protruding Zoom unit underfoot,but for the Jordan 29, Removing the protruding Zoom that you can bee familiar with this shoes , is it the jordan shoes ?I’ve tried Zoom in nearly every single way possible, this is the best version of it. Great court feel, ultimate responsiveness and you get some impact protection on top of is enough and I will like it anyway .

For the traction : It is not too bad ….I think it too stiff….but the grip is nice .The flex groove in the middle stays relatively clean so it grabs on slightly but I try to stop with the outermost portion on lateral side so that flex groove doesn’t help a whole lot. And it is not easy to keep , I guess it will worn out quickly .there is a jumpman logo on the bottom. it is nice .

Overall,  I felt Nike pretty much mailed this one in from a design standpoint which is disappointing since this is the last shoe we will see him in.The material is nice and the supporting also great , then the cushioning and traction just so so . How do you think ?