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Adidas Ultra Boost Performance Review

Since the Adidas combined its own  football shoes Ace series with UltraBOOST,the sneakers world become different. After test the different.  Adidas also released a UltraBOOST leisure shoe that originated from football shoes – Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360Agility TR UltraBOOST.

Today we are talking about it .

This colorway offering features a primarily solar orange upper with its go-to Agility balck System decked out in white to match the crisp Boost sole unit. This soccer performance shoe is a perfect example of adidas’ continuing trend of combining stylish designs with performance footwear, although this particular model is strictly for off the pitch.

For the material , Adidas  adding a TPU plastic cage thoughout heel cup which dig into the foot, we can feel the more supporting from this design .

The primeknit material also becomes water logged very easy and doesn’t shed dirt and mud well.

For the cushioning , it is nice , it still followed the Adidas tech that more responsive cushioning ever,we can feel the more energy you give, the more you get.

For the  Boost midsole is absolutely fantastic, most Adidas running shoes apply it sparingly throughout the midsole to produce a firm and responsive cushioning that almost seems to improve with age. now this one is still followed the boost midsole which  a whopping 27mm of Boost midsole which is unsupported by any material of a higher durometer.

We can see the effect is a fairly sloppy feel which Adidas tries to mitigate by placing a very shallow primeknit upper ,that is great .

For the supporting , it is not good then Jordans .the only supporting is from the  material of the heel part, and for this material , it is a little soft . so we can get it enough when playing .

Overall, the most highlight design is the cushioing , the Boost cushioning delivers a responsive and comfortable ride and returns energy to help you bounce merrily through whatever distance you take on.  and the material is soft .we can feel the  particularly good for helping to maintain my pace over long runs. but if you are looking foe the good suuorting and cushioning , maybe is it not enough.

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Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Performance Review

Adidas finds a way to build on greatness, as it unveils the Ultra Boost 3. 0 featuring the thickest woven Primeknit upper we’ve seen on the model.

We are talking about it today .

For the material : it has been featuring that updated Triple White Primeknit upper again , and you knowthe material is great , especial for the summer . the ventilation is nicely .  with a Trace Cargo-colored heel-cap, and opaque/clear cage, I have to say  this is the classic Ultra boost  ,but the Midfoot cage can be uncomfortable as it is made of hard plastic. Throughout the mid foot Adidas employs a Midfoot Cage which seems like a good idea until you realize its made of fairly hard rubberized plastic which pokes into your foot.


for the traction : Adidas Boost midsoles are likely the best material, It is  energy return and longevity.The Continental outsole is wonderful and just what we’ve come to expect from Adidas. This outsole rubber wears very slowly and is the stickiest road shoe I’ve found for running on wet roads. It also holds up great on trails.



For the supporting : it is not very good as usually . I an not feel the supporting  actually .



For  the cushioning : Adidas  utilized the Energy Boost which has a wonderfully well cushioned full length Boost midsole, but then uses a Dual Torsion thermoplastic device in the midsole which makes the shoe completely inflexible and dead feeling.

The cushioning tech certainly has a great product with Boost technology, and their shoes are very well made and hold up.


there  are some details of  the insole ,Full length Boost midsole material provides a ton of cushioning.

that is the best for the boost .


With the Boost phenomenon Adidas have tapped into the fashion forward lifestyle crowd and I would fully expect to see this shoe at college campuses and high end health clubs rather than on the feet of runners actually training.

Overall , Stretchy mesh upper with a wide forefoot fit will work for most runners and adidas has the Energy Boost are the best for the Adidas .