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adidas Explosive Bounce Performance Review

The Adidas have been released more shoes which simply . and the Adidas  still followed the tech . Now more and more people like it very much.

Now today we will talking about Explosive Bounce.

As you can see in the photos here, this shoes  features a bit more fuse and an upper that is not Forged Primeknit in blue. The collar design is only slightly altered and the shoe rides atop a two-toned Bounce set up — a welcome addition for those that prefer Bounce to Boost.

For cushioning : cushioning felt great, and most importantly to me the traction looked and felt promising. So I said what the hell, I’m going to try these out and I’m glad I did. it performance well .compare with the Lillard,  D Lillard ever had a team shoe, Consistent from heel to toe with that signature Bounce feel. Unlike the Crazy Explosive, I had no issues with the cored out portions since Bounce is denser than Boost.

If you are still worried about “Explosive Bounce will be very hard since it is simple set up shoes ,” we can  tell you that it is  really a bit soft. Bounce technology used  will be more than some of the Boost then natural Crazy Explosive , but it still comfort . In the game . we  can feel the cushioning  still better then Dame 3 , to be honest ,it is “unexpected, reasonable”.

Explosive Bounce firmly locked the heel by embracing the glue module which with  thick lining, making the stability of the heel reached a stronger midsole . It is like the D-Rose 7 design  which the “External Module Plus Stable” .it is  locked your feet firmly.


For supporting :adidas is not sloppy. Shoes forefoot still added three pairs of straps for ensuring the supporting . Although it firmly fixed in the mezzanine when  the shoes do not provide dynamic support, but the sneakers still be able to firmly stick to their feet in a certain degree of disguise, and it can protect  ankle and heel .he ankle collar is flexible enough for full range of motion while the sturdy internal heel counter keeps your ankle in place.

This external TPU wrap goes all the way around the ankle and does a great job pulling the ankle back and locking it in place. It does take a little time to warm up, soften and conform to your ankle but the process is quick . Just a nice one to one fit overall after all is said and done. it is perfect .

For traction : The rubber is similar to what’s found on the Crazylight Boost 2016,and it  soft and comfortable . it  minimal wiping on dusty floors with great stopping power just makes me happy.  I enjoyed this traction pattern and the grip is great , wherever I play , it is nice .

The  similar cushioning with Dame 3 ,  Explosive Bounce but also have the  anti-rotation. The anti-torsion of Explosive Bounce was great, but the anti-torsion performance began to degenerate after some time (we do not know if there is too soft, or because of Bounce’s own material problems).

overall : the Explosive Bounce is an excellent shoe for all types of players. Excellent traction and cushioning, great fit, good overall support, stability, and containment,I believe that you  will choose it .